Sonntag, 17. Mai 2020

No 'guestworkers' anymore - struggles for people form Turkey in Germany

Asli just moved to Berlin and auditions for a voice for the archeological museum in Berlin. After she finished her test she meets another applicant in the waiting room who tells her, that they probably want someone who recently migrated from Turkey and can speak 'proper' Turkish. Eren Aksu's short-film was screened at the Oberhausen short-film festival in May 2020 and captures the fraction and tension between newly arrived Turks and German-Turks who grew up in Germany and are part of the third or even fourth generation of the Turkish diaspora.

What are the struggles expats or immigrants from Turkey have to face nowadays? How do they feel when they are confronted with anti-muslim racism - a great paradox, because many young Turks who come to Germany in the last years are not muslim, but raised in a secular environment.

Nowadays the Turk is no longer the 'guestworker' but the 'muslim'. Especially since Thilo Sarrazin wrote his controversial book about muslim immigrants the discourse about islam as a culture and muslims spread in society and politics. Things were possible to articulate in political speech that were considered as racist before.

If someone from Turkey comes to Germany today, this person will be confronted with a newly developed form of racism against migrants in general and Turkish people in particular, because they form the largest group of people who are phenotypically different. I will explore this issue further in my work, because it is important to have a differentiated analysis of this situation and the society we live in to avoid racist and right-wing discourses in the futture.

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