Freitag, 14. Juni 2024

PhD life: Way to find closure

The PhD journey is coming to an end and new paths will be explored. What gave me closure is having a plan about what to do next and knowing exactly when this new idea would begin. 

Closure comes with a sense of security and confidence. All hurdles I jumped over were part of my "Routes" in the sense of active uprooting, rerooting, rooting (Clifford, 1997). James Clifford writes "roots always precede routes" (ibid, p. 3) which is certainly true in my case. I could not have done this project without reflecting on where I started off. 

I wrote articles, like ‚Immerse Yourselves!‘ a book review and did several workshops as outputs. I here now also publish my podcast which is an interview with sociologist, art historian and art activist Pelin Tan with sound editing by Georgios Varoutsos:

We talk about how important socially engaged art is for surviving in the metropole, like contemporary Istanbul, we talk about her pathway to "action research" and we talk about getting engaged in changing urban spaces.

Podcast: Against the Tide Episode #1 with Pelin Tan



Article by Pelin on ‘uncommoning’ knowledge>: 


Book recommendation ‘Refugee Heritage’ (2021) by Daar Sandi Hilal and Alessandro Petti: 


Visible‘, research initiative on socially-engaged art founded by the Cittadellarte – Pistoletto Foundation: 

Publication to download: Judith Wielander, M. L. (2020). ‘Collectively Annotated Bibliography ‘On Artistic Practices in the Expanded Field of Public Art’. Merano, Italy, Art Agency Sweden. URL: 


Publication: Florian Malzacher, Ahmet Öğüt and Pelin Tan (2016). The Silent University: Towards a Transversal Pedagogy. London, Sternberg Press. 


Autonomous student initiative ‘Interflugs’ in Berlin: 


Campus in Camps: 


Arazi Assembly: 


YouTube channel of Kırkayak Kültür: 


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