Montag, 20. April 2020

Artists struggle for survival - a statement

Without having any jobs in prospect, creative professionals don't have any expenses. Because of that many freelance artists do no have costs to cover at the time being and can not request money from governmental emergency aid fonds in most German federal states.

Instead many applications for financial support remain without an answer or artists are referred to ask for basic income. Artists who rely on themselves and pay many things from their own pocket, such as their rent for their home which is their working space at the same time, are not considered in governmental supporting programs during pandemics.

However every federal state decides by itself who is eligible to receive money. Berlin, Hamburg and North Rhine-Westphalia for example contributed to the payment of living expenses of artists, but the financial resources were exhausted in the beginning of April. Hamburg then set up a new aid program which guarantees freelancers and small companies an amount of at least 2,500 Euros emergency aid. Baden-Württemberg shows that there is another way to secure the existence of freelance creatives, there, artists get a fictitious wage of 1180 Euros. The conference of economic ministers now asked the government to take action and take care of supporting independent cultural work.

Luckily many artists are not only creative in their domain but in life in general and find ways to earn small amounts to secure themselves independently. Considering the symbolic value of any art form produced, which also gets us through these times, there should be a better support system for artists.

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